Investing in Real Estate Newark

Investing in Real Estate Newark, New Jersey

Investing in Real Estate Newark, New Jersey, occurs when the investor, the landlord, acquires a piece of tangible property. He or she will then find someone who is interested in the property, a tenant, and enter into an agreement. The tenant is then free to use the property to his or her liking but with certain restrictions and terms.

There are many ways one might want to invest in real estate. Below are groups that real estate properties are categorized:• Residential real estate investing: these are properties that are houses or apartments.  “Sometimes, real estate investments of this type have a service business component, such as assisted living facilities for seniors or full-service buildings for tenants who want a luxury experience.”

Commercial Investing in Real Estate Newark, New Jersey: these types of properties consist of office buildings. “When a commercial real estate investment is fully leased with long-term tenants who agreed to richly priced lease rates, the cash flow continues even if the lease rates on comparable properties fall (provided the tenant doesn’t go bankrupt”

• Industrial real estate investing: properties that fall under this category are warehouses, storage units, manufacturing facilities, and plants.

• Retail real estate investing: these properties are shopping centers, strip malls and traditional malls, as well as, hair salons, restaurants, and any other property that is similar. In some cases, the property’s rental rate includes a percentage of a store’s retail sale in order for the landlord to be able to make his or her property as attractive as possible to attract customers.

• Mixed-use real estate investing: these types of properties are properties that are used for multiple reasons. For example, you may build a residential apartment on the top and on the ground floor there are retail stores and restaurants.

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