Why should you invest in Newark?

The city of Newark has been going through many transformation and development in recent times. From a history of violence and riots in the 1960s and 70s, Newark is changing that narrative and fast becoming a great investment destination.

Currently, Newark is home to the corporate Headquarters of companies like Panasonic Corporation of North America, Prudential Financial and the Public Service Enterprise group.

Similarly, Newark is now the home of campuses of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Rutgers University.  There is an international airport, and there are many developmental projects carried out.

Current projects include the One Theater Square Project and the remodeling of the Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium. These big projects are just one of many projects continuously undertaken.

Investments worth $1.7 billion have been made in Newark.

An Investment Opportunity

In addition to the developments ongoing at Newark, the city is known for its affordable cost of living and its proximity to New York City.

Similarly, Newark is fast becoming a technological hub, and it was 13th on the Top 50 US markets for attracting and growing tech talent in a publication by NJ.com two years ago.

As a result of all these, new residents are trooping into Newark. Individuals and businesses are aspiring to settle in Newark and enjoy the great benefits the city provides.

Consequently, there is no better time to invest in Newark. As individuals and businesses move in and the demand for quality housing increase, there will be a higher yield and return when you invest in Newark.

With an expected population increase and an increase in demand for housing, Newark is becoming a considerable investment hub.

Invest in Newark Now

The time to invest in Newark is now.

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By buying distressed properties in Newark, you are making a sound investment that will prove to be a good decision in light of the huge demand.

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