Distressed Property, Newark New Jersey

Distressed Property, Newark New Jersey

What is a distressed property, Newark New Jersey? For starters a distressed property has to do with the property’s value, not necessarily the condition of the property.  Distressed properties are often listed below the market value so that property investor could be interested in that property. There are many reasons as to why a home may become a distressed property. Below are seven situations as to why a seller may want to sell their property quickly and at a discount.


Situation #1: Financial.

“A distressed property often arises due to some sort of financial strain.” Whether it is because of a job loss, pay cut, divorce, or any other financial reasons, the owner is no longer able to pay their property. Also another reason may be that the homeowner has missed numerous payments.


Situation #2: Bank Owned.

Properties that are owned by the bank are often sold at a discount. However, note that these properties need extensive renovations because they were most likely abandoned for a very long time.


Situation #3: Property Condition.

  • Properties that need to be fixed: these types of properties tend to be in poor conditions and will not be listed at a high price.
  • Properties that need and extensive renovation: these types of properties are the types that need plumbing, electrical work, a new roof, etc. These properties are listed at a very steep discount because not many people are interested in buying these properties.
  • Properties that have started renovations but were not finished: this could happen because the developer runs out of money and is not able to continue the renovation.


Situation #4: A Death in the Family. A death in the family can often lead to distressed property.

  • If there are two home owners and one of them passes away, the person who is still alive may not be able to fulfill their mortgage commitment on their own without the help of their spouse. In this case the person may want to sell their property quickly before they default on their mortgage.
  • If there is one owner and he or she passes away “the property is usually put up for sale in something known as an estate sale.” In this situation it is not about getting the highest price but about selling the property quickly.


Situation #5: A couple that is separating or going through a divorce.

When couples own a property together and later on they separate or divorce their first thought is to sell the property. They normally want to get rid of the property as soon as possible whether it is because of financial or emotional reasons. At that point they do not care about the price all they care about is getting rid of the property.


Situation #6: Job Relocation.

People who are moving to a new place for a job often need their property to be sold quickly. In this situation, if needed, property owners are willing to accept a lower offer.


Situation #7: A Partnership Dispute.

Distressed properties can also happen because of a dispute between two parties. These two parties own a property in a joint venture agreement but often in a dispute want to get rid of the property.


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