“I have dealt with other hard money lenders, but none with the amount of rehab experience and attention to detail as Jason does. And because of this, I was surprised when he turned down a rehab deal where he pin point certain things that I didn’t realize that made the deal not be a good investment. It made me realize that his company wasn’t just about making money, but also, protected AryMing investors. So I can confidently say that AryMing has me as an investor for life.”


CaneSouth Orange NJ

“What made me feel comfortable investing with AryMing was their friendly and responsive attitude from the beginning. It is my first time investing in private mortgages, so their friendly demeanor while educating me throughout the process made me feel at ease with trusting my investment with them. I like that it truly is “passive” investing so I didn’t have to be involved in most of the steps to close on a property. After the initial education, the most I had to do was go to the bank to deposit the monthly interest checks I received in the mail into my bank account.”


ShepardMorristown, NJ

“I lended for 6 months in my first deal with AryMing. After 4 months, I get a call from AryMing giving me advance notice about a payoff coming in! And asked me if I would be interested in reinvesting my funds into another deal. I was very happy because I earned 4 months of high interest on my money that I didn’t earn before, and got my initial investment back. So I responded with “Most definitely I would.”


MaverickNew Providence NJ