Residential for Rent – LONG TERM

Here, at AryMing Asset Funding, we make short-term, asset-based loans, sometimes known as hard money loans extended to real estate owners investors and builders.


Non-owner occupied investor loans for 1-4 unit residential properties.

  • Minimum $100,000 value
  • Detached, 2-4 unit, townhouse, warrantable condo
  • Multi-property allowed



  • Vacant acquisitions allowed
  • Refinances must be leased



  • Minimum 650 FICO
  • No foreclosures, bankruptcies, or short sales in past 36 months
  • Entity or Individuals, with foreign national options
  • Six months of reserves at time of close
  • No borrower income verification required



Always required



  • Loan-to-value (LTV): 80%
  • Property debt-to-income (PDTI): 90%
  • Loan-to-purchase price (LTPP): 85%



$75,000 to $1,000,000



  • Fixed rates, starting at 6.125%
  • 30-year term, initial IO available
  • 3-2-1 prepayment



Aryming will draft loan documents and coordinate closing for Table Funding and Funding into Origination


More Info About Residential Rental Investment Property Loans

In some markets, rental properties disappear as quickly as single-family homes-or even faster. Real estate investors need to be ready with investment property financing in hand if they want to strike a deal while the iron is hot. Traditional financing processes are often slow and cumbersome, though, sometimes leading to lost profits (and a whole lot of frustration).

When it’s imperative that you get funding as quickly as possible to secure a new investment property, the convenience of hard money loans cannot be overstated. One specific type of hard money loan is residential for rent loan.

AryMing Asset Funding is a boutique private lending firm that serves markets throughout the northeastern United States. We provide a variety of real estate investment loans with competitive rates and quick closing so investors don’t have to miss out on a deal that suits them. Learn more about AryMing and how hard money lending can help you with your next real estate investment below.

What Is a Residential for Rent Loan?

Residential for rent loans are a type of rental property financing reserved for investors who want to purchase a property they can rent out to tenants over a long term. Typically, these are fixed-rate loans with 30-year terms that have interest-only options available-borrowers can start by paying only the interest on their new mortgage, with an agreement to pay the principal off in a lump sum at a specified date.

Prepayment penalties for residential for rent loans follow a 3-2-1 approach, which means paying the loan off in the first year constitutes a 3% penalty, the second year a 2% penalty, and so on. While investment property financing of this type requires investors to carry six months of reserve capital at the time of closing, the terms are flexible in that there is no borrower income verification and only a FICO score of 650 is required.

Advantages of Working With AryMing

With 10 years of experience in investment property hard money loans and over 15 years in the real estate space in general, AryMing has the knowledge, network, and resources to set you up for success. Unlike national lending firms, we’re experts in your local real estate market, with boots on the ground in several major northeast hubs such as the New York metro area, New Jersey, Philadelphia, southern Connecticut, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

Additionally, we’re able to guarantee fast closing times and even faster draw times for a variety of rental property loans. Your loan will close 10-12 days after completing the full loan package, and funds can be available within 24 hours of a completed draw process. This type of efficiency and speed is necessary in a fast-paced field like real estate investing, and it’s simply unmatched by traditional financing.

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