Private Investing

You don’t have to be a bank or a credit union to loan someone the funds to buy property. There are plenty of borrowers who prefer to turn to private money lenders, like AryMing, for real estate loans, and if you have funds you are looking to invest, partnering with us to finance deals can be a very lucrative enterprise.

Aryming Asset Funding has had great success with establishing mutually beneficial loans between private investors capital and hard money borrowers in the Northeast United States. We’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether an investment is in your best interest, and if you decide to proceed, you’ll receive steady returns throughout the duration of the loan. Let’s take a closer look at private investing and why it’s worth considering for your investment portfolio.

What Is Private Investment?

Private investing, also known as hard money lending, occurs when real estate investors borrow money from individuals or companies instead of banks or other traditional financing sources. There are a few reasons why borrowers may want to work with private money lenders for real estate investments like flipping houses or buying a rental property. For one, loans from private investors and companies close faster than loans from banks, so there’s less chance that a borrower will miss out on a good opportunity while they’re waiting to receive the funds.

Some borrowers also have trouble securing loans from traditional institutions, whereas private money lenders may be less stringent. When the borrower purchases their property, it’s used as collateral to secure the loan, mitigating the risk for the private investor.

Reasons to Become a Private Money Lender

If you have a significant amount of funds you are looking to invest, and you can tolerate the risk of lending to borrowers who are seeking hard money loans, private money lending has the potential to yield great profits. You can earn higher returns than you would by investing broadly in a stock index, and you’ll earn passive income monthly over a short loan duration (typically 1-3 years). Some private investors get into hard money lending to add diversity to their overall investment/retirement portfolio.

Advantages of Investing Through Aryming

Whether you’re an experienced private investor or you’re exploring hard money lending for the first time, Aryming will work hard to make you feel secure in your investment into our fund. You can count on our risk management team to analyze and communicate all the risks of each investment before the deal closes, so you’ll never have to commit to a deal you aren’t fully confident in.

Our staff is knowledgeable about the entire private money lending process and about our local market, and our underwriters vet borrowers thoroughly before we’ll agree to help them secure financing. Once the loan has closed, you can expect to receive solid returns throughout its entire duration.

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