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You have to move fast to have any success in real estate investing, but the traditional methods of securing financing aren’t known for their speed or simplicity. When you need a loan to purchase a property but you can’t afford to wait for a bank’s approval, look into hard money loans from private mortgage lenders instead.

AryMing Asset Funding is a team of experienced hard money lenders serving markets throughout the northeastern United States. We offer loans with competitive rates and facilitate quick closing so investors don’t have to miss out on any lucrative opportunities. Learn more about hard money lending and how AryMing can help you with your next financing process.

What Is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans, also called short-term bridge loans, are loans that real estate investors get from private mortgage lenders instead of banks or other traditional sources. Borrowers can use hard money loans to purchase just about any kind of property: homes, condos, rental properties, or commercial properties.

There are several advantages to securing financing from private mortgage lenders. Unlike banks, which base their lending decisions on a borrower’s credit or financial history, hard money lenders use the property that will be purchased with the loan as collateral. Hard money loans close faster because they don’t require a lengthy approval process, and they’re more accessible to borrowers who may have difficulty meeting a bank’s lending criteria. Although bridge loans have higher interest rates than traditional loans, their durations are shorter, typically encompassing 1- to 2-year terms, and there are no prepayment fees involved.

Advantages of Working With AryMing

AryMing is able to guarantee borrowers fast closing and draws for hard money loans. Your loan will close 10-12 days after completion of the full loan package, and the funds will be released within 24 hours of a completed draw release process-other lending companies may take as long as 4-6 days to release funds. Our speedy closing and draws allow borrowers interested in flipping their properties to begin construction or renovations sooner.

The AryMing team also has intimate knowledge of the local real estate market, which a national lending company with divided attention simply cannot match. We’re experts in several major markets in the northeast, including New Jersey, the New York metropolitan area, Southern Connecticut, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the NoVa/Washington, D.C. area. Our “boots on the ground” mentality means borrowers in any of these locations can meet an AryMing representative face to face within 90 minutes of their request.

If you’re having trouble securing financing from a traditional lender, you still have a chance to pursue your investment opportunity with AryMing. We’ve developed mutually beneficial relationships with many real estate investors who were denied approval for a bank loan before using our hard money lending services.

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