Earnings Disclaimer

All information provided by AryMing Asset Funding, LLC (“AryMing Asset Funding”) on this website is subject to the foregoing terms and conditions and participation in any private mortgage investment opportunity is subject, but not limited to, the risks described herein:

Prospective lenders should not construe the contents of this website or any other documents delivered to a prospective lender as legal, business, accounting or tax advice. Each prospective lender should consult his or her own attorney, business or tax advisor as to legal, business, tax and related matters concerning private mortgage investments. Though AryMing Asset Funding and its affiliates provide initial information regarding prospective lending opportunities, prospective lenders are expected to conduct and rely on their own due diligence, including the merits and risks of any real property that will be secured under a private mortgage investment, including risks related to the borrower, its credit worthiness and ability to repay any loan made by a prospective lender, potential changes affecting the real estate market and industry, and regulatory changes. In all cases, prospective lenders should conduct their own investigation and analysis of any private mortgage investment opportunity.

The information contained herein has been prepared to assist prospective lenders in making their own evaluation of private mortgage lending opportunities and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information that a prospective lender may desire. This website contains summaries of certain provisions of documents relating to the private mortgage loans AryMing Asset Funding helps organize. These summaries are not necessarily complete and are subject to, and are qualified in their entirety by any final documentation evidencing a private mortgage investment.

An investment in a private mortgage investment is subject to all of the risks inherent in investing in the real estate industry, any of which could result in the loss of some or all of a lender’s investment. These risks include adverse use of adjacent or neighboring property, sewage or pollution control regulations, the supply of and demand for real estate in the area, zoning and land use restrictions and laws, changes in federal, state or local laws, unforeseen operating expenses, the inability to secure development financing or replacement financing when the initial financing comes due, loss of income due to theft or dishonesty by employees, agents or others, unanticipated or improperly budgeted capital expenses, default by contractors, non-issuance or delay in the issuance of necessary permits, property tax reassessments and increases in property taxes, increases in insurance rates or the inability to obtain necessary insurance coverage, and the risk of loss due to fire or other casualty.

The real estate industry is cyclical. Periods of prosperity have led to overbuilding of speculative properties and financial losses for lenders. These factors make real estate development speculative by nature, and neither AryMing Asset Funding nor its affiliates guarantee that a prospective lender’s expected returns will be met or that a lender will not incur losses. Historical experiences of lenders who have previously invested in opportunities presented by AryMing Asset Funding or its affiliates does not ensure that new opportunities will be able to replicate such success.

An investment in private mortgages will be subjected to the risks generally incident to the borrower owning the underlying real property, including the uncertainty of cash flow to meet fixed and maturing obligations, adverse changes in national and local economic conditions, changes in the investment climate for real estate investments, adverse changes in local market conditions, changes in interest rates, availability of mortgage funds for financing and refinancing, changes in real estate tax rates and other operating expenses, governmental rules and fiscal policies (including rent, wage and price control), acts of G-d including earthquake (which may result in uninsured losses), the financial condition of the buyers and tenants of properties and other risks which are beyond the control of a lender.

Only prospective lenders who have the financial means to bear the possible loss of their entire investment should participate in private mortgage investment opportunities.

Nothing contained on this website is intended to constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities to any person in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation violate the securities or state blue sky laws of such jurisdiction or would otherwise be unlawful. If and to the extent a private mortgage investment opportunity would constitute a sale of a security for purposes the Securities Act of 1933, any such sale shall be made in compliance with the terms of such act or an applicable exemption there from and from any applicable state blue sky laws.

Neither AryMing Asset Funding nor its affiliates are currently subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and, therefore, do not file reports, proxy statements or other financial information with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Prospective lenders should be aware that any information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Additional information is available by contacting us at 973-735-0888