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AryMing Asset Management (AAM) provides a collection of services to private equity firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, local and regional banks, and national family offices to support their efforts to pursue deep value, value-add, and troubled asset investments in the residential credit markets in the northeastern United States. Our white-glove solutions give lead servicers the oversight necessary to execute defaulting asset deals with the best possible outcomes, leading to the reperformance of nonperforming first and second mortgages that align with each client’s needs and preferences.

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Services Offered

When you work with AAM, the following high-touch asset management  and related services will be available to you.

Due Diligence Oversight

We’ll conduct a thorough investigation into each asset so you can make decisions from the strongest possible position. Due diligence may include compliance review, title/lien review, property value and condition analysis, servicing comment review, data validation, collateral confirmation, and vendor oversight.

Asset Risk Management

You can count on us to help you protect your investments with loan-level credit decisioning, loss mitigation oversight, service and vendor management, the enforcement of delegated authority matrices, and the disposition of capital markets and strategic loans.

City and State Municipal Oversight

Avoid additional fees and fines on the local level by relying on us to monitor vacancy registration and property preservation.

Loan Modification Optimization

We’ll develop and monitor loan modification options for delinquent borrowers so you can work with them to return their mortgage to good standing.

Loss Mitigation Strategy

Our team has years of experience with developing and executing strategies aimed at managing risk and enhancing value at the loan and asset levels.

Loss Mitigation Monitoring

We’ll establish a loss mitigation timeline for each of your investments and monitor their progression through key stages.

REO Management

We assist real-estate-owned (REO) property investors by establishing a timeline for the property’s rehabilitation, ensuring that property maintenance activities take place on schedule, and overseeing efficient marketing and property loss processes to uncover equity opportunities for liquidations.

Data Management

We integrate with loan servicers’ daily feeds to ensure that we are always up to date with complete and accurate data, providing transparency for your whole portfolio.

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